Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The World's Biggest Prairie Dog and Son of World's Biggest Prairie Dog

Presented as a public service to our loyal readers: Should you ever find yourself speeding across our great country on I-70 through the lovely rolling fields of Kansas, and find your curiosity piqued by a sign advertising the World's Biggest Prairie Dog, at the previously mentioned Prairie Dog Town attraction in Oakley, Kansas, feel free to use the above picture of the World's Biggest Prairie Dog, with bonus possible runner-up large prairie dog, in your mental calculus of whether to stop or not. Also know that there is a real live five-legged cow and a real live six-legged cow. They are actually kind of gross and/or sad to look at. Pictures available on request.

We remain, as ever, here to serve.


Doola! said...

Actually, according to a story on Morning Edition yesterday on America's vanishing goofy roadside attractions, Prairie Dog Town is probably going to be closing down fairly soon.

The World's Largest X and the [Insert Name of Town] Mystery Spot just can't compete in these days of minivans with on-board DVD and video game systems.

How they settled on Prairie Dog Town as their attraction of choice for the story, I couldn't tell ya.

Matt said...

Say it ain't so! I'm glad we visited when we did. Hurry!

Matt said...
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