Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Of the Grueling Four-Pass Hike Around the Maroon Bells, Part the Last

Esteemed Reader:

We try our best to only present pictures here that in our amateur opinion rise above average vacation snapshots, because we know nobody wants to look at too many vacation pictures unless they have a blood relation/obligation to do so. Today we were almost ready to move on from the Bells, but then, we weren't. So here are some vacation snaps of us on top of each of the four passes of the Grueling Four-Pass Hike Around the Maroon Bells.

West Maroon Pass (Cold and wet, heroic survivor Nalgene™ not pictured):

Frigid Air Pass (Air actually somewhat less frigid than the other passes):

Trail Rider Pass (The Lovely Katherine on the left side of the frame, not technically on top yet):

Buckskin Pass (All downhill from here):



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