Monday, November 05, 2007

Of Rocky Mountain National Park, Part the Second

This was one of the more interesting things we found at Rocky Mountain. To the best of our deduction, it's an old water pipeline for feeding the thirsty towns of the Front Range. It's long since been abandoned, and a small PVC pipe runs through the middle of the former wire-bound wooden structure. But the PVC doesn't look big enough to carry much water unless it's really rushing through there. Our crack research team didn't do much digging to find out the truth behind the matter, but did find that the Grand Lake Brewery has pretty good beer.

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Anonymous said...

Probably used to bring water down from the Grand Ditch to Estes or a farm or ranch. The Grand Ditch was the first water diversion project to get water from the Western Slope to the eastern plains.

Grand Ditch is a water diversion project located alongside the Never Summer Mountains. Construction was begun in 1890 and completed in 1936. The 16.2-mile system delivers an average of 20,000 feet of water annually over the Continental Divide to the eastern plains of Colorado.

Currently very controversial in Colorado.