Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Of the San Luis Valley

After emerging from the wilderness (and passing any number of tourists near the trailhead outside of Aspen who asked us questions indicating they had never seen backpackers before), we headed South. We crossed Independence Pass and skirted around Mount Elbert and zipped down to the San Luis Valley. Beautiful country, all of it, and as we were hoping to find a campground somewhere in the Valley before darkness set in, we were in too big a hurry to take as many pictures as the scenery justified. For those who haven't been, the San Luis Valley is a huge flat spot in the southern part of the Colorado's Rockies. It is one of the poorest parts of the state, and has a bittersweet combination of natural beauty and dying small town America.

Latvian test tomorrow, details on the Valley to follow.

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Doola! said...

You're testing us? Why didn't you say so?

Um...A. C. B. True. True. False. 1992! Gorbachev!

Dammit, I told you, I just don't test well...