Wednesday, January 04, 2012

California 3

When in Northern California, we recommend Salt Point State Park. On the Pacific Coast of Sonoma County, it features a dramatic shoreline perfect for exploring tide pools, some very pretty grassy meadows and stands of trees, and... a pygmy forest. Pictures of tide pools and pretty grassy meadows coming over the next few days. Somehow -- whether due to incompetence or laziness, we don't know -- the staff photographer didn't wind up taking any pictures of the pygmy forest. Our apologies. To aid in your imagining the pygmy forest, it was like a regular forest - but shorter.

We did take the above picture of star trails on a bright moon-lit night in the campground of Salt Point State Park, which does feature some odd trees. Some of them are short, but I think they're just young, not full-fledged pygmies.

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