Tuesday, January 31, 2012

California 22, or, Mission Bars Part 2

One of the contenders for best bar in the Mission, and, perhaps, best bar in the universe. Apologies that this is really getting way into "what I had for breakfast" blog territory, but, it's what we've got at the moment.

First of all, old neon signs are great, and one that actually says "Cocktail Time" right on the sign? Pure win. Also: Shuffleboard. Also, also: Cheap drinks. Also also also: Good jukebox, mixed crowd, bartenders are great until they start kicking people out at 1:45 so they can close, which I guess is fine, but shouldn't one be allowed to finish up at my leisure as long as he will be walking out the door at 1:59? Oh, well, a minor problem for one of our favorite bars.

If you're really curious for some reason: the other contender for best bar in the Mission and maybe best bar in the universe is the Latin American Club, conveniently just around the corner! Their sign isn't as photogenic, though.

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