Monday, January 02, 2012

California 1

So, to catch you up on the story, in case you're just joining us, which we can't imagine why you would be:

In 2010, we started working in Afghanistan and due to the needs of the Foreign Service to have us in Afghanistan right now, we were kindly granted a waiver to take less than the Congressionally mandated amount of home leave in America between foreign tours. So then, when we left Afghanistan for a job in Washington with much less urgency that we report right now, we had some extra home leave days in the bank. So we got a nice long break that allowed us to see Alaska (about which see the previous 30 or so posts) and our old stomping grounds in California's picturesque San Francisco Bay Area. And some other stuff, but that's coming soon.

Coming over the next [however long it takes]: pictures and occasional anecdotes from Northern California. If you hadn't figured it out yet, we're currently on assignment in Washington and the exotic travel photography opportunities are a little slim, so we're not exactly moving at lightning pace to get through the home leave pictures. I know that's not what faithful fans of the Foreign Service Blog are looking for, but one does spend some portion of a FS career in Washington, so there you have it.

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