Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Your correspondent traveled recently to Taloqan, capital of scenic Takhar province, up near the border with Tajikistan. Traveling in a convoy with the Ambassador, a significant entourage of his staffers and press, and local officials was not the most low-profile way to get around town. A lot of people came out to stare. The staff photographer took a lot of blurry pictures of the crowds zipping by outside the armored G-wagon windows.


Anonymous said...

That style of travel is quite a contrast to your usual MO.
Every day a new adventure, right?

Anonymous said...

What is a G-Wagon?

Matt said...

A G-Wagon is an armored Mercedes SUV, basically. I don't know if there's a consumer version, but the military version is pretty spartan. No leather seats, if you get my meaning.