Monday, September 20, 2010


This (like yesterday's post) is from an odd route we happened to take in Kabul the other day to avoid gridlock on a different route. But it's a business that is pretty common here. There is really only one kind of bread in this part of the world: Delicious nan. ("Nan" is also the word for "food" in Dari, indicating how basic this kind of bread is.) So when you see a bakery in Kabul, it's really just churning out round flat bread all day - somewhat poofier than the naan you might get in an Indian restaurant in America, but still basically flat. When I've been able to have it, it's been really tasty. Seeing it fresh from the oven made me want to ask the driver to pull over so I could buy as many loaves as this young gentleman.

Instead, I went back to the Embassy cafeteria and probably had a sandwich on their crappy sliced bread that can't hold itself together under the weight of one turkey coldcut and some lettuce. Perhaps the USG could save thousands of dollars and have happier employees by buying decent bread on the local economy. Write your congressman now!

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