Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Of Bagram

We made a quick trip up to Bagram Air Field. It's huge. It really felt a lot like a small city, with little streets and no small amount of hustle and/or bustle. A small city with F-15s taking off from time to time, that is. Our little Embassy plane parked next to this row of C-130's, with this one, christened "The Rock" at the head of the line. I have to commend whoever is in charge of plane-naming. "The Rock" is a pretty good name for a C-130.

Anyway, Bagram is not actually a pleasant place, but it's not because of any failing in the scenery. We were lucky to have a relatively dust-free day, and could see the mountains in every direction. It's quite a picturesque location, except for there being an air force base there.

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing that the C-130 is still going. I logged a lot of miles in that type when I was in the AF.