Wednesday, July 07, 2010

We Aren't in Riga Anymore, or, Women's Fashion

The above outfit is perhaps as daring as most Afghan women would ever wear, and would be a little conservative for an old matron in Riga. But still, lest our loyal readers get the impression that all the women of Kabul are wearing burqas when they go out: there is a full range of fashion from the full traditional blue burqa as seen yesterday to the style seen above - much more colorful and less restrictive, but always what one might call generously cut and with a veil covering the hair. And little girls can apparently dress like little Westerners until or unless they have to dress in school uniforms, which few I've seen feature a hijab covering the hair and neck.

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fsowannabe said...

Thanks for all these posts and pix of the out-and-about of Kabul - it's nice to see another side of Afghanistan through your blog.