Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fine Dining in Kabul

We went to a snazzy French restaurant in Kabul. Yes, they have a French restaurant in Kabul. The "snazzy" part is entirely relative. In almost any other city, you wouldn't consider it snazzy at all. But this is Kabul, so the standards are a bit different. I had some nice but not amazing lamb and some pumpkin soup and the table shared a couple teapots of a top secret grape beverage often served with French food.

Total, per person: $60! In Kabul! Afghanistan!

And yet, it's totally worth it since your correspondent hasn't had to pay for any other meal in the three weeks he's been here. I'm sure we'll be back and ready to pay through the nose again next time we need a break from the salisbury steaks in the Embassy Dining Facility.


A Daring Adventure said...

Thinking of you today...

Hope you have/had a wonderful Fourth!

Liz said...

Did you go to Le Bistro for a going away dinner?

Just trying to figure out who you are... ;-)

Matt said...

Not a going away dinner. Sorry, you'll need to dig up another hint.