Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of Helmand: More Transport

Your correspondent's least favorite military aircraft of the trip was the Sea-King helicopter, seen above refueling, which your correspondent flew home back from a day-trip to Lashkar Gah to Bastion. This is the same kind of helicopter generally used to fly the President of the United States of America around to Camp David or such. I can only hope that the President gets a specially modified version where the interior cabin isn't exposed to the main rotor that leaks hydraulic fluid all over the passengers below. This wasn't just bad luck on my part - one of my hosts in Lashkar Gah heard I would be flying on a Sea King and his first reaction was, "Don't sit too close to the center or you'll get hydraulic fluid all over you." Unfortunately, on these military flights, I feel sort of obliged to sit wherever the Marine or Soldier points and not request seat upgrades or an extra package of peanuts when the beverage service comes around.

Photo note: This picture was taken in the absolute dead of night by setting the point-n-shoot camera on long exposer and then setting it down on a rock while the helicopter was refueling.

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Anonymous said...

For the Prez they put a drip pan on the floor and let him sit in front.