Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The World Cup, Indian Style!

The sports channel showing the most World Cup coverage here is not on the Armed Forces Network. For some reason, in addition to AFN we get an assortment of Indian satellite channels in the hooches. ESPN India has extensive World Cup coverage, thankfully. The funny part is the Indian ESPN ads, which are basically only for two things: cell phones and cricket. The cell phone ads are a little weird, but nothing notable. The cricket ads, well, I've never seen a cricket ad before. I'm sure the stars of world cricket are immensely talented athletes. But it's still funny to see ads using something akin to the Star Wars Evil Imperial March music, or players striking intimidating poses like pro wrestlers, to promote something that seems as poncey as cricket.

I know nothing about cricket, I'm sure I would be terrible at it. But it's also a game that British lords play at tea parties, right?

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