Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hooch Living

It is not clear to me how the trailers we live in here came to be called "hooches." But that is what they are called. Perhaps it is a corruption of the acronym CHU - Containerized Housing Unit (pictured above, click to see it bigger). I basically have a half of a trailer all to myself, for now. There are two beds here (pictured above, click to see it bigger): The one with an ugly floral blanket on it; and the one I haven't touched, in deference to the dreaded roommate who may show up any time, unannounced, and that until then is just taking up way too much space in this little room.

One could make a joke that people pay thousands of dollars a month for this kind of space in Manhattan. One could also say that the hooches are kind of like SRO tenements that the near-homeless occupy in most cities. At least I'm not in one of the temporary hooches, where people have five or so roommates, pushing past the apartment analogies and into summer-camp territory.

If the somewhat psychedelic effects of the computerized panorama-making software above are not helping you picture it, there is a more traditional picture below.

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