Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello from Kabul!

Hey loyal readers:

We're coming to you live from containerized housing unit D-29 here in Kabul, Afghanistan. We've been here for just a few days, which have mostly slid by in a haze of jet lag. But we're mostly over that now, and ready to resume publishing as usual, but... Well, we generally consider the photography a pretty vital part of this publication. Sadly, we don't get to leave the compound all that much, and there is no photography allowed on the compound because what if the Taliban are loyal readers of the Holla and see a picture of my shipping container and then analyze it and figure out the weaknesses in our containerized defenses? Being a big fan of my own safety, I pledge not to complain too much about the measures the security team takes to keep us safe. But it is going to put a crimp in the style of this publication. We'll try to be creative and come up with something to fill the void.

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Cilicious said...

I have an engineer friend who has spent time in Kabul more than once.
He found it a very worthwhile experience. Hope y'all do too.