Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Last Things From Latvia

Last dinner: Istaba (Room), which went from being our favorite restaurant to falling out of favor and then returned to our good graces in time for a fine meal on my last night there. Highly recommended if you are in Riga, but Spring-Fall is probably better for their local-produce ethos than winter. I can't even remember what vegetables they serve there in the winter, perhaps because I'm blocking it out. Also, it considers itself more of an art gallery as restaurant, so there's usually something fun to look at, as in the case of tiny photography, above.

Last shivering outdoor beer: We braved the not-exactly-springlike temps to have a last drink at the "beer tents," aka No Problem bar on Dome Square. The only place to be if you find yourself in Riga on a summer evening. And if it's not so summery, you can borrow a blanket in one of a variety of counter-theft-hideous patterns.

Last Embassy function: Official farewell party, where I was gifted this jersey of the local hockey team. Pretty good party, and I managed to not say anything too offensive in my impromptu remarks. All's well that ends well.

Last balsams: I hope ever. I wouldn't be at all sad to go back to Riga sometime. But the local libation, black balsams, will not be the thing that brings me back. The picture is a little blurry, which is entirely appropriate and I wish I could say intentional.

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A Daring Adventure said...

Am laughing hysterically at the last picture and the last picture's explanation! You are too funny, Dude!