Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kapteina Enriko Pulkestenis

One regret about our departure from Latvia. The week before we left, the best restaurant in Riga moved to a new location literally across the street from our apartment. I suppose its for the best, as the best restaurant in Riga is a kebab stand artfully called "Foodbox," and if their perfectly spiced take-out doner kebab had been across the street for two years, your correspondent would weigh about 300 pounds now. And then to make matters worse, the best bar in Riga, Kapteina Enriko Pulkstenis (Captain Enrique's Watch) started moving to a location two doors away from us the weekend after my departure. Unknown if the new spot will feature such attractive shades of orange and green on the walls as seen above. If both the best restaurant and the best bar in town had been within 100 feet of my apartment, I'm not sure I would have ever made it home after work. So, again, maybe for the best, but still a bit of a shame to have been forced to walk a whole three blocks to these establishments for so long.

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