Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of Cut Off, Louisiana

Your correspondent was looking forward to training in Washington with a mixture of anticipation of a relaxed schedule and free time, and concern about being a bit bored. I need not have worried, as somehow I've had a pretty busy social calendar for the most part and haven't even had time to publish all those remaining Latvia pictures and such.

One reason for that has been weekends that have involved departing directly from training on Friday afternoon to sprint to the airport, get to somewhere halfway across the country for 48 hours, and then fly back to DC. It's been a bit exhausting, but totally worth it.

First stop was glamorous Cut Off, Louisiana, for a wedding of a good friend. In respecting the Cajun traditions of the bride's family, there was a dancin' parade from the ceremony to the reception, as pictured above, and then a kick-ass reception (also pictured) at the Cut Off Community Center (photo detail of venue at top... I don't remember what the giant tiaras were awarded for). Perhaps more important was respect of the age-old Cajun traditions of eating too much great food, and having too many great bands playing the reception, and most importantly, drinking too much - an effort some guests got started on early with multiple drive-through daiquiris over the course of the day.

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