Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stained Glass

Riga has some very cool Art Nouveau architecture, which is obvious to anyone wandering around the heart of the city. But a lot of the cool interiors are at best hard to see and at worst lost in renovations that preserve the facade and gut the interiors. One exception is this building in the old town, home to the Naturalization Board offices, where the internal stairway features three stained-glass windows with sort of Modernist motifs - I forget my art history but they strike me as sort of Futurist Lite, celebrating the speed and excitement of the electrical tram. But there are also some horses. Anyway, somehow they've survived the years intact, or been nicely restored.

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Laura said...

Very nice windows. The sharp angular lines abd bursts of color makes you feel like you are in busy city.

Laura Goff Parham