Thursday, September 10, 2009

Of Saaremaa: Leaning Tower of Kiipsaare

Lighthouses also feature prominently in Saaremaa. Your correspondents biked all over the island. (Well, drove almost all over by car and then by bicycle the last few miles to any given destination, since we were at a spa hotel that featured massages that took up some portion of our days. We will endure anything to ferret out the truth about the Baltic for our loyal readers.) In any case, this is Kiipsaare Light, as seen from some crumbling building nearby. The lighthouse actually leans at a pretty severe angle toward the sea, but during high tide it's tough to get a good shot of it because it's out in the water and leaning straight away from the shore. But we were there in person, between massages, so you'll have to trust us.

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