Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Of Saaremaa

Your intrepid correspondents spent the Labor Day Weekend in our northerly neighbor and The Lovely Katherine's secondary base of operations, Estonia. But not just boring old Tallinn -- we went to Estonia's largest island, Saaremaa. Yes, that is how it is spelled. The Estonians love nothing more than double letters. In fact, they call their own country Eesti, just to start things off with an appropriately double-voweled touch. Other Estonian place names that we passed through that I am not making up: Muhu, Sääre, Uulu.

Saaremaa is sort of famous for, among other things, its windmills. Unfortunately there aren't too many windmills surviving out in the wild, so most tourists have to settle for the windmill petting zoo of sorts, where they have relocated several old windmills into one fenced enclosure, for their own protection and yours.

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