Thursday, January 12, 2006

From Guatemala to Guatepeor

First and foremost, the editorial board would like to apologize for the lack of recent content. Other priorities have been getting in the way of our production schedule: Holidays, travel, guests, the usual suspects.

So this post has dual purposes. First, clear your schedule next week for updates on trips to Nicaragua, our return to Atitlan, and further delving into Guatemalan culture.

Second, mostly as a means to expand this beyond the scope of a mere promise of things to come, a work-related note... An applicant for a visa to visit the United States today told me that he really wanted to go to the US to visit Greeley, Colorado. That is not a typo. He had a brother that lives there, and wanted to visit him and get to know his nephews. I asked this poor, sad man who for some reason wanted to escape Guatemala only to show up in Greeley, if his brother had described Greeley for him. He declined to answer, which was probably wise, because an honest opinion would have only led to more questions about his motive for travel. I might have even approved the visa on sentimental grounds, if the guy hadn't been previously deported, by the Denver office of DHS, implying that maybe he already knew Greeley and actually wanted to go back, leading to questions about his sanity.

(Special note to the people of Greeley: Sorry. I kid because I care.)


MsBoombastic said...

As a person (formerly) of Greeley, I forgive you. I deported myself from Greality some time ago, and have not reapplied for a visa to make a return visit in years. Of course, I now work approximately two blocks from a statue of Horace Greeley in City Hall Park, and every morning on my way to the subway, I walk past the medical offices of one Dr. Horace Greeley (the IV, or something), so in a way, it’s like I’ve returned to the Mother Ship.

Ma & Pa Stokes said...

We, too, forgive you, mostly because we love "small world" stories. There is something, tho, that draws this writer back to Greeley almost daily. Oh. My job.