Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Hello. Sorry, but I felt it wise to remove this post, which once featured short descriptions of one consular case that was a rewarding experience, and one case where the law was clear but not able to solve everyone's problems. My goal was never to participate in any kind of policy debate here. That toothpaste may be out of the tube already, but I guess it's a better move to take it down than to leave it in its original form for context's sake.


EEK! said...

OK, I know I watch too much tacky Law and Order, but the first case sounds more like sex trafficking to me.

The second case is heartbreaking. Isn't there a primer out there on this topic? Something like: I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. A little surfing at La Jolla, some french fried Idaho potatoes, and I'll be ready to go home to face my bleak future. *blinkblink*

Unfortunately, I do not quite watch enough Law and Order to put any of this in legal terms. And in any case, the writers of those shows appear to be only passing acquaintences with the legal and law enforcement professions. It's all about the sex trafficking.

Ma & Pa Stokes said...

Oh my - I was really hoping for another travelogue with pictures. But at very least, your job sounds like it has plenty of challenges, both intellectual, social, spiritual, and zip-your-lip type.

Liam Schwartz said...

I've quoted and linked to this post here: http://www.ilw.com/articles/2009,0129-schwartz.shtm

Thank you.