Monday, March 11, 2013

We briefly walked by the real Carnaval

Not exactly a fine art photograph, but a moment for us nonetheless. We took a more-circuitous-than-intended route to get to our seats at the Sambodromo. The Sambodromo is a crazy stadium that is several city blocks of bleachers on either side of the street where the Carnaval samba school competition takes place. It's a pretty unconventional piece of urban design. And if you wind up trying to get to seats sort of on the other side of the Sambodromo, it involves a longish walk, sometimes along streets that are blocked off for parade staging, and thus everyone trying to get in or out of the Sambodromo is crammed onto a few meters of sidewalk. It kind of sucks.

And then, one might pass a random little bar like this, with a bunch of random people dancing up a storm to the sounds of the television broadcast of the samba parade that is happening literally 200 yards and 200 dollars away from them. I don't regret going to the Carnaval parade, but next year it might be a lot cheaper to just find this bar again.

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