Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Germany (in Rio)!

On the night we went, one of the samba schools in the parade competition had selected the theme "Germany." It was quite a show. They might have won, had one of their floats not caught on fire.

The parade consisted of a series of floats and groups in elaborate costumes reflecting elements of German culture, with connections ranging from direct to, um, less direct. Among the more direct (in your correspondents' view), and very cool: A group of guys carrying parts from the bodies of old Volkswagen Beetles, who would dance for a bit, and then cluster together into the shape of a full Bug, as if they were a Transformers Dance Troupe; and a bunch of guys wearing cherry-red helmets and costumes in the shape of German Chocolate Cake. Brilliant.

This group, celebrating German music -- more Bach and Beethoven than Kraftwerk and Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, one gathers -- was also in the "makes sense" category. Over the next few days, some entries from both the "makes sense" and the "makes less sense" categories.

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