Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lodi Gardens

On our last day in Delhi, we reserved a bit of the afternoon for tourism. We'd seen the major attractions on a previous trip, and were feeling a bit beat, so we went to relax in the Lodi Gardens. The gardens are a nice park not terribly far from our hotel, and would be ripe for some nice photos if we could have been there under different lighting conditions, and if the batteries on our camera didn't die that day leaving us with only the iPhone's acceptable but limited camera.

Anyway, we did not realize before arriving that the gardens are in fact the grounds of a series of tombs of 15th-Century rulers, which are the kind of thing you just bump into in some parts of the world. The other notable feature of Lodi is a multitude of young couple necking, occupying each niche in the old tombs and in many of the marginally secluded spots in the surrounding area.

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