Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kake Da Hotel

A pause from the marginal photography for a day of marginal snapshots. But we thought this restaurant, the Kake Da Hotel in Connaught Place, was worth documenting.

Above is the view directly behind my table. Staff photographer visible in the mirror, drenched in sweat, snapping the picture with his phone, and not looking anywhere near as dapper as the presumed founder of the restaurant in the garlanded portrait. Below, the kitchen area, immediately in front of our table and looking out on the street in a truly radical take on the "open kitchen" philosophy. The food was really good, if a bit challenging to eat cleanly.

Also, because it is tiny and there are few tables, we shared with a guy who claimed to be a relatively successful Indian blues guitarist, who was very excited to talk about blues and rock with an American guy and name all the famous guitarists who had
come to India back in the hippie era, before moving on to discussing Syria and international relations and such, about which your correspondent artfully engaged without ever mentioning his profession as a diplomat. So overall, Kake Da Hotel obviously gets five stars for food, five stars for ambiance, and a bonus five stars for clientele. Highly recommended.

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