Friday, October 07, 2011

Nepal 6

This one is probably the best portrait we got on the trail. He was intently watching other guys about his age who had stopped at one of the inns along the way and were playing some game that looked like a cross between shuffleboard and snooker.

This setup -- the wicker basket backpack, with long wooden struts sticking up to steady a piled-high load -- is almost universal. Your correspondents took particular note whenever we saw some dude carrying a pack stacked high with cases of canned Everest beer up the mountain. We did indeed enjoy a couple of those high-altitude barley pops, so we owe those guys a debt of gratitude. I hesitate to guess what's in those big blue barrels that this young guy is carrying up the mountain, but I'm pretty sure it's not feathers or popcorn. Whatever it is, we probably used some of it while on the trail, so I guess we owe him, too.

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Nomads By Nature said...

What amazing pictures -- I particularly like this one because of the composition as well as the look on his face.