Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nepal 19

Continuing up the trail after Tengboche, we made our way to Pangboche, site of another monastery. The view from within the monastery courtyard was incredible. And unphotographable with the equipment the staff photographer was carrying.

The courtyard was being re-built, and was unpainted wood. A balcony wrapped all the way around. On one side, a door passed into the temple (as seen a couple days ago). In the center of the courtyard, an older guy burned some sort of censer, filling the courtyard with smoke. On one side, lined up along the balcony, six or so monks chanted the same sort of variable-speed Muppet songs mentioned yesterday. The head monk, pictured above, did various bell-ringing and feather-waving rituals. Towering above them was Ama Dablam, a huge, knife-like peak. It was gorgeous, in full, beaming sunlight.

Sadly, the monks were in full, gloomy shade, with incense smoke adding to the haze. We made some attempts to capture the scene, but they're just not worth showing here. So, instead, we offer the above detail. Sorry.

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