Monday, June 01, 2009

Of Uzbekistan

Your correspondent went to Uzbekistan. For vacation. On purpose. It was great. We hope you want to read things about Uzbekistan, because the staff photographer took well over a thousand pictures -- digital photography can do that to you. Anyway, despite the fact that the majority of items published here are about our travel adventures, we are painfully aware that as a rule, reading about other peoples' travel adventures is really, really boring. A great travel story is one thing. A recounting of "and then" on top of "and then" is a sure cure for insomnia, and we've all been forced to sit through more vacation pictures than we're interested in on at least one occasion. So, despite our current excitement about Uzbekistan, we will attempt to narrow things down to just a few choice stories and a few exceptional photographs. If we all hang in there together, we can get through this.

As an introduction fitting the general travel theme (and because we haven't had a chance to really edit our thousand pictures down to the promised handful of keepers) we present today pictures from inside and outside an Uzbekistan Airways flight from Bukhara to Tashkent. Your correspondent traveled this route on a Soviet-era Antonov AN-24 aircraft. It did not crash while I was on it. It turns out I wasn't supposed to take pictures at the airport, I guess for general airport security reasons, or because they are worried about someone stealing the highly prized Antonov AN-24 airplane technology. We may never know.


Matt said...

so you weren't around for the blonde parade?

Matt said...

I missed the official blonde parade. Hopefully it's an annual event.