Thursday, June 11, 2009

Of Uzbekistan: Seeds for sale!

Things in this picture:

A guy in one of those cool Uzbek caps and his (perhaps) granddaughter selling some kind of seeds as a snack from a wheelbarrow of sorts.

The remains of the Aksaray Palace, the top of which was the site of yesterday's photo.

A big statue of Timur/Tamerlane - he's everywhere in Uzbekistan. Don't worry, it's just the perspective that makes it look like maybe it's bigger than the palace. It just normal big.

Ferris wheel, one of several rides you probably could not have paid me to ride on at the fair for the last day of school.

Not sure why the black-and-white seems to be working for a lot of the Uzbekistan pictures. It was at times a fairly colorful place.

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