Monday, March 09, 2009

Of Vilnius

We have been happy to provide several weeks in a row of wholly Latvia-centric content, in keeping with our primary mission. But it couldn't last. Your intrepid correspondents spent the weekend in the capital of our neighbor to the south, Lithuania. This weekend, Vilnius celebrated St. Casimir's Day with a street fair. Your correspondent witnessed folk dancing (not unlike its Latvian counterpart); drank hot beer (beer being essential for any street fair, but when it's freezing out, you need a hot beverage); and got shoved around by the insane crowds that were pushing past thousands of booths, each booth selling various traditional Lithuanian wares such as wooden spoons (again not unlike Latvia), special dried-flower arrangements, and bagels. They sell the bagels on a string, which many people wore around their necks, as above. I guess that could be why the bagels have a hole in the first place. Unfortunately, cream cheese is apparently not a traditional Lithuanian accompaniment.

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Carrie said...

I've heard that cream cheese is tough to get off of one's lapel, anyway, so perhaps that's for the best.