Friday, March 13, 2009

Of Vilnius: Robotukas

This was without a doubt the highlight of the trip to Vilnius. While a traditional (i.e. not much to watch for terribly long) dance performance happened on stage in full traditional attire, this guy was backstage, doing his own equally basic dance. But his was far more entertaining, because for some reason, he is dressed as "Robotukas," whatever that means. Not unlike the Zappa/Soprano sculptures a few blocks away, Robotukas demonstrated an admirable sense of the absurd and the off-beat that seems to define the beating heart of Vilnius. And even if it didn't mean anything larger about Vilnius, who can resist a guy dancing in public dressed in a cardboard-box robot costume?

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MSH said...

I find this completely hilarious. and it isn't just because I am somewhat drunk.