Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wintry Mix

These are some of the various social services employees who attended the event near Daugavpils for the opening of a children's center built by Uncle Sam, as mentioned briefly a couple weeks ago. They were all very nice. We're putting this here only as an example of two notable sartorial differences between here and the States.

First, there is a lot of fur here. Real fur. And I don't get the sense that most women got their furs mostly guilt-free from their grandparents, a la The Lovely Katherine.

Secondly, you may notice the layer of snow and (we assure you) ice on the ground. You may also notice that two of the women whose shoes are visible are wearing some fairly substantial high heels. Latvian women are apparently trained from birth to wear impressive high heels year-round, whether on rutted dirt roads or icy cobblestones. It's either very impressive or mildly insane, depending on who you ask.

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