Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brave New World

We here at the Holla are always pushing the envelope to bring you the very best of what's happening in Latvia or wherever. Like how we figured out the thing that lets us write enough posts for a week and then tell the computer when to post them, so we didn't actually have to have some time to spare each time we wanted to post something. That happened no more than a few years after such technology was available. And now, also only a few years late, we are breaking into the exciting world of internet picture shows. E.g., this video, our first ever, which is basically just like the picture we put up yesterday of the four guys who have one giant four-head-holed hockey sweater that reads "Latvija."

Wow. It's really eerily like the picture, in that it doesn't really impart more meaning or insight than the still picture did. But hey, these days we look back at some of the first pictures that the photo department thought were worthy of publication here and cringe. Surely when we direct our Latvian version of "Casablanca," we'll look back at this and laugh.

Oh, also, seats 10 rows up and between the blue lines, $25. This may be the first thing we have found that is cheaper in Latvia than in the States, other than maybe (what? I never finished this sentence, now I'm re-reading a couple weeks later and I think I gave up on a funny example... - ed). Hockey fans take note.

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