Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mardi Gras: New Orleans Parade

Because we really, honestly have a bunch of fun pictures of Guatemala to get to, we shall endeavor to bang out these pictures of Mardi Gras in a week or so, and then not go anywhere else cool for a while.

The big attraction for many Mardi Gras attendees are the parades. For the unaware, there are a couple weeks worth of parades leading up to Fat Tuesday itself, with the biggest parades in New Orleans. We went to the Tucks and Endymion parades on Saturday and had a bunch of rich guys in masks throw baubles at us, and to see other parade attractions like crazy costumes (as below) and homeless guys carrying decorative propane-torch devices (not pictured, but real).

Any number of sane (though intoxicated) people claw and scratch to get the thrown baubles -- mostly plastic bead necklaces -- and upon obtaining them, wear them briefly and then have to figure out what to do with ten pounds of plastic crap. In any case, the fun is in the chase, however foolish the prize. Women famously reveal a brief glimpse of their breasts in exchange for the nicer (and of course that term is relative) necklaces, and in this age of easy digital photography, I would guess that some number of women expose themselves more famously than they might desire under less intoxicated circumstances.

For the record, the theme of the Endymion parade was "A Salute to Rudyard Kipling," thus the British Colonial Dude float, as in the first picture above. As for answers as to why anyone decided it was time for a salute to Rudyard Kipling, our crack investigative squad came back empty-handed.

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