Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mardi Gras: Down on the Bayou

The other activity we undertook in the greater Cut Off metro area was not actually Mardi Gras-related, but definitely Louisana- related. We took a swamp tour on an airboat. The swamp was actually beautiful, filled with birds and Spanish Moss hanging from every tree branch. Our host, Arthur, reports that we were there at the worst time of year, and that soon flowers will bloom and gators will come out of hibernation.

We did manage to see a few alligators, although Arthur (above) was unable to catch one for our wrassling enjoyment (not for lack of effort). We also saw approximately one million nutras, which are basically giant swamp rats. They are so plentiful that apparently nutra season is quite lucrative due to the bounty for each nutra killed. This despite the fact that the nutra was maybe the only animal, bird, or plant in the swamp about which Arthur did not declare, "Them's good eatin'."

Pictured above is the airboat, which goes really fast, and is very loud, requiring the bright yellow ear protectors as pictured below. Other than going fast, and doing big fishtailing turns, which are pretty darn cool, the best part of the air boat is it's ability to hop over levee embankments and go zipping over grassy patches of swamp. We only wish that we lived on a river and could commute by airboat each day, although we might not go for the camouflage coveralls for everyday use.

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