Sunday, May 21, 2006

In non-Guatemalan news

The editorial staff tries to keep this journal focused on items that have some Guatemalan angle, in an effort to keep the content interesting for US audiences and distinguish the publication from the millions of "what I did today" blogs out there. Thus, the occasional large gaps in the publication schedule when nothing of uniquely Guatemalan import happens. This entry is an exception.

I scored 131 points on a single word in Scrabble last night, crushing my opponent's will to continue playing. Now I know how the Redskins felt in Super Bowl XXII. Feel free to "Holla Back" if you can top that -- I know it's possible, as there were no Q's or Z's in my word.


Hulkster said...

I spelled "QUIZ" on a Triple Word Score one time, and that was pretty sweet. I felt more like the Denver Broncos scoring a touchdown in late-game garbage time of that self-same Super Bowl, as I was playing with Mle, and she absolutely crushed me like she always does at Scrabble.

EEK! said...

What was the word??

O the suspense!

Matt said...

Can't give away all my secrets, now can I?

EEK! said...