Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Photo departement incapacitated by new photo technology

When first we began this adventure in Guatemala, an anonymous donor suggested that perhaps we would like a nice new digital camera to help the photo department appropriately document the strange and exotic culture. We demurred -- if you read the State Department warnings, it looks like the second you walk out the door with anything with more resale value than the day's newspaper some young ne'er-do-well will be robbing you at gunpoint and probably shooting you afterwards just for kicks. Your correspondent would like to state officially and for the record that anyone coming to Guatemala should seriously consider the risks and should take the State Department travel warnings seriously. That said, we relented in our objections to said anonymous donor providing the photo department with a snazzy new camera which has seriously hampered our reporting efforts.

The camera takes fantastic pictures, and has a ridiculous amount of storage capacity. As such, there was nothing to stop the photo department from taking nearly five hundred pictures over the four-day Easter weekend. The features editor is ready to go to press, but really the story of Semana Santa in Guatemala is all about the visuals, and editing five hundred pictures is taking longer than the photo department anticipated. We can only pledge to the reading public that the full story and photos will be published in the next couple days and will be worth the wait.

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