Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Baby-holding Record Set

As previously alluded to, we tried to take advantage of the last weeks of summer by heading to the beach this weekend. And none too soon. The rainy season officially started yesterday. It has rained here in the last month, but occasional sprinkles are not Official Guatemala Rainy Season Cloudbursts, which is what we got yesterday afternoon, and again this evening.

The staff photographer was punished for his profligacy with the Holla budget the week prior and not invited, so the event has not been recorded. But the ratio of grown-ups to pipsqueaks on the trip was 8:7, a hairs-breadth victory for maturity in terms of numbers, if not in terms of weight. The other three couples we went with are all of the Foreign-Service-as-child-care-opportunity school of thought. One couple brought their six-month-old girl, who is thankfully one of the more chill babies I've had the pleasure to meet. Which led not only to me besting my personal baby-holding record, but shattering it, the result of an surprise pass by the doting father, mostly so he could reach the chips and guac we were enjoying at poolside. Anyway, in case my mother was wondering why her psychic state inexplicably improved drastically from 6:36 to 6:42 on Saturday night, it is because I was holding a baby and not trying to get rid of it for a whole (estimated) six minutes. Previous record had been however long it takes to hold a baby and say "she's cute" and then pass it on to the next cubicle-dweller.

Just so nobody's hopes swell too much, it's a record I'm certain will stand for many years.


Ma & Pa Stokes said...

Well, Saturday was a really good day & evening, but I thought it was because of decent golf played, nothing to do with babies! Huh! And on Sunday I was in an "all babies all the time" type store and had no unusual symptoms. There must have been a break in the time/space continuum.

Gil Carmel said...

Man, I hate the baby cubicle tour. I never really know what to say to the baby after the faux exclamations of admiration. "How's it going?" or "So, what do you do?"

EEK! said...

I tend to talk to babies in the same tone of voice I use on tall people. People look at me strangely, but I figure babies are just dying for someone to take them seriously.