Thursday, October 20, 2005


Damn hurricanes won't give us a break. Today we're supposed to be heading to Honduras for a four day weekend. Thursday is "Revolution Day," which celebrates the downfall of a right-wing strongman in 1944 and the return of a democratically-elected center-left regime, which the CIA subsequently bumped off and replaced with another right-wing dictator.

In any case, we get a day off, and then taking Friday off makes a four-day weekend, as Guatemalans haven't yet developed the technology to move all their holidays to Mondays.

But then there's another stupid hurricane beating up Honduras! We're getting it from the left and now from the right. We might head that way anyway and just hope we're far enough inland to avoid danger, which CNN seems to indicate we might be. The level of local coverage on this stuff is pretty abysmal.

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EEK! said...

We should really look into renaming "Independence Day."

Nothing says "right to bear arms" like Revolution Day.