Saturday, October 08, 2005


Guatemala City proper isn't experiencing too much trouble from Hurricane Stan -- the biggest issue for us is that our Columbus Day weekend plans have been ruined because almost none of the roads out of town are passable, and along those that are, there are gas shortages becuase of trouble at the ports and whatnot. Oh, and I have to work. It's noon on Saturday and I'm heading in to the office to help American citizens who were in harms way toward the Pacific coast. I was hoping I might get to fly around on one of the Blackhawks that is delivering aid, but they're pretty much grounded due to the continuing crappy weather. It's not clear exactly what good I might have done on a Blackhawk, other than being better looking than your average army guy, of course. Oh, well, I guess all I can do is hope for another devastating storm to wipe out all the bridges and highways in the country and then clear out a little faster next time. (Special note for the Diplomatic Security guy reading this in Arlington or wherever: This statement is intended as humorous or even "ironic" and is in no way a reflection of U.S. policy in Guatemala.)

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