Thursday, July 05, 2012

Old Stuff: Banana Slug

So we paused to gather our thoughts and before we knew it, the Holla had been dark for over two weeks. Our humble apologies to our small but loyal readership!

So here's the deal: This blog is mostly about travel photography. We take pictures we like, sometimes with stories or semi-trenchant observations, as the Foreign Service and our own whims take us around the world. Unlike a lot of Foreign Service blogs, we're not real worried about keeping anyone up-to-date on our personal/family events. We also take a pretty leisurely approach, so most of the content here is not about stuff that happened today or even yesterday. But eventually, when we're assigned to the U.S. for work and/or training, since we don't put baby pictures or birthday party pictures or whatever up here, we run out of travel stories and photos to share.

However, when we were heading to Afghanistan, we were just too busy to worry about posting anything. So there's some good stuff (reasonable opinions could differ) from 2010 that has just been clogging our hard drive, unshared with our adoring public! Among that stock is record of our time in Northern California in 2010. We've already posted 30 pictures from Northern California in 2011. But these are different. So, here they come, starting for no good reason with this less-than-amazing picture of a banana slug. Wildlife! The pictures are going to get better, we assure you, but hey, banana slugs are cool.

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