Monday, April 23, 2012

Aaaaaand... we're back!

Our long national nightmare has come to an end. The Holla computer found its way home, with all its precious photographic cargo intact. That actually happened a week or so ago, but we just haven't managed to get back into the rhythm of publishing, so your long national nightmare of not having a near-daily piece of Holla journalism to brighten up your day lasted unnecessarily long.

Anyway, consider this post an official bit of throat-clearing. We hope to have some pictures for you soon. Of course, we're still in Washington, so it won't be too Foreign Service-y, but it will have some nice holiday snapshots.

For the moment, accept this snapshot of an undisclosed location in Washington, where most of the apartment buildings are graced with quasi-regal-sounding names. We did not, however knock on the door at Columbia House to see if it was just another name for an apartment building, or if in fact they were perhaps still offering 12 cassettes for a penny.

1 comment:

Dick and Rita Johnson said...

SO glad that you got your computer back. It is true panic time when you think you have lost all your pictures and data. Looking forward to having you back online and publishing.