Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Colorado 4

Capturing lightning on film is not easy. Capturing lightning on digital camera is slightly easier, mostly because the cost of film drops to essentially zero so one can keep trying until he or she succeeds. The lightning storm that came in over Cowdrey Lake while we were camping on the eastern shore made it pretty easy, in that it was lightning-ing a lot. We managed to get several good lightning shots, of which this was the best -- even though the main strike is not as strong as in other shots, the offshoot heading to the right (more visible should you care to click on the picture above to see the embiggened version, which we take great pains not to suggest too frequently due to our severe aversion to self-promotion, but which is nevertheless always an option) is fantastic, stretching more than halfway across the frame.

Also shot at the same spot as yesterday's photo.

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