Friday, November 11, 2011

India 11

The primary decorative feature of the car we hired to take us to Agra and back. I find this Indian style of spiritual art really creepy. It's not just that the characters portrayed are occasionally blue. In this case the faraway eyes are part of it - although this is not a particularly egregious instance of creepiness. The little images by the steering column here are actually better examples. The weird airbrushed perfection of the figures is the closest thing I can put my finger on - they are perfectly drawn and realistically shadowed and yet idealized in posture and form, and glowing like a poorly executed HDR. But it doesn't seem like that's a complete explanation. I'm mystified by these images. Maybe that's the point.

I suppose contemporary Christian vernacular figurative art is equally creepy, although I'm having a hard time thinking of specific examples. More satisfying explanations welcomed.

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