Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We're Actually Back Now

Hey loyal readers:

We took some time off for leave. And then when we got back with exactly 30 days left in Afghanistan. After the modest success of the "100 Days of Latvia" (limiting ourselves to posts about Riga for the last 100 days we were there) we figured we should do a "30 Days of Kabul" to finish out here. And we kept waiting to post until we could come up with a few interesting things to say about life in Kabul. And now we're down to 20 days left in Kabul. So maybe that says it all.

So we're throwing in the towel for now and going with some pictures from our last trip out and about before we left, in scenic Bamyan. Maybe we'll come up with some ideas and do a last-ditch "7 Days of Kabul" or "1 Day of Kabul" as we're packing out. But for the next few days: Pictures of Bamyan! And then after that: Pictures of Nepal and India!

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