Monday, March 21, 2011

Of France: Top of Les Grands Montets

On the shady side of the valley (i.e. the side with better snow) is Les Grands Montets, which might currently be in the running for the Holla's coveted Best Ski Area in the World title. The only problem is that to get to the top and do the best runs you have to take a stupid cable car that is so slow and crowded that you either need a reservation or you have to wait about 45 minutes in line. And you're only allowed one reservation a day. If they built a high-speed gondola up to the top here, and you could just hit the Grand Vue trail along the glacier (below) again and again, it would be unbeatable.

P.s. sorry about the weird gray glacier. It's so bright that it kind of freaks out the digital camera to the point that it's hard to fix later.

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