Saturday, January 29, 2011

Of Shanghai

We were in China! Three wonderful days in Shanghai! I guess Shanghai is "China Lite" or something and if we were serious we would have gone to Wuhan or Shenyang or somewhere without such a grand tradition of Westerners pillaging or setting up Prada outlets or whatever. But we had friends to visit in Shanghai and don't really know anyone in Chengdu. And we weren't really looking for "roughing it" on this trip anyway.

So, we have a few days of China pictures coming up. We had a great time in Shanghai, but I feel like we didn't accumulate many anecdotes to accompany the pictures. Unless you count stories about visitors peeing inside the American pavilion at the Shanghai World Fair this year... but we didn't witness that, we just heard about it, so we can't really claim it as our own story, let alone elaborate.

On an unrelated note, we didn't buy any Chairman Mao dishes, but we could have:

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